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Book your private party and enjoy all the perks in private sessions. Private sessions 

are extremely popular and are a great way to save money on whitening and enjoy 

time with friends, get ready for a special occasion, or raise money for your favorite 

organization. Look and feel your best by whitening your teeth!

When getting married, you want the bridal party to look and feel their very best for 

photos. Bridal Party sessions can be serviced at a salon location during private or 

regular hours, or your venue of choice, such as a hotel. Most bridal parties whiten 1-

2 days prior to the wedding day to look their very best. Each party comes with a 

dedicated whitening associate to keep your party running smoothly and enjoyable. 

(Minimum of 6 people required.)

PRICE - $45 Per 15 min.

20% Of All Proceeds Go To Your Organization!

Teeth Whitening Fundraisers are a great way to raise money for your team, school 

or organization. With teeth whitening ever so popular, we make it ridiculously 

simple to raise money for your organization and have fun in the process! Simply 

choose a day or evening that you want to "designate" as your "fundraiser day" and 

we donate 20% (yes 20%!) of all teeth whitening expenditures for that day / evening 

by your participants directly to your organization.

The best part is that you do nothing except promote the fundraiser. We do all the 

work and send you a check for your organization. Fundraisers can be serviced at a 

salon location during private or regular hours, or your venue of choice. You don't 

have to plan anything- let us do all the work!

Example, 40 people from your organization get their teeth whitened (average 30 

minute session) and we send you a check for $1,192 within the next 7 days.

PRICE - $45 Per 15 min.

Get your whitest teeth in a fun and relaxed environment. Listen to your favorite 

music via surround sound in the salon and have fun with friends. This party is 

great for catching up with friends and getting your beauty on! Each party comes 

with a dedicated whitening associate to keep your party running smoothly and 

enjoyable. . (Minimum of 4 people required.)

PRICE - $45 Per 15 min.

Head back to school with your most beautiful bright white smile and impress your 

friends! This is a great private group session to hold right before school starts. This 

session definitely books up early, so call ahead to schedule your group session. 

(Minimum of 4 people required.)

PRICE - $45 Per 15 min.

No matter what the occasion, a Whitening party can be fun for any reason. Get 

your closest friends or relatives together and enjoy a party at home. whitening 

associate will visit your home to carry out your whitening party smoothly and 

enjoyably. (Minimum of 4 people required.)

PRICE - $45 Per 15 min.

You've worked so hard to get ready for the stage. You tan, diet, workout like crazy, 

and have your mind finally in the right place. The only thing left is to whiten your 

teeth to flash that million dollar smile on stage. Your smile has to reflect the same 

beauty as the rest of you. Sport your whitest smile with professional laser teeth 

whitening. We can travel to your gym location to whiten competitors teeth so they 

can receive flat rate group pricing. We grant our largest discount to these athletes- 

our flat rate $99 pricing for up to 3 full professional whitening sessions totaling

(60 minutes). (Minimum of 4 participants).

PRICE - $45 Per 15 min.

A "Bright White Smile Birthday Party" is a great way to get friends together, have

a group whitening session, relax and listen to music while eating and drinking 

everything "white" From white cake, to clear drinks, to even wearing "white

clothing" this service is a popular one for sure! 

Bright White Smile parties can be serviced at a salon location during private or 

regular hours, or your venue of choice. Each party comes with dedicated whitening 

associate to keep your party running smoothly and enjoyable. 

(Minimum of 4 people required.)

PRICE - $45 Per 15 min.

You'll be a hero with this employee group session for sure. Most employees want 

teeth whitening, but don't take the time to make an appointment at a typical clinic. 

Instead, a Bright White Smile Whitening associate can travel to your location to 

oversee the session. To make things convenient, we set up our teeth whitening 

materials in a private room at your office or location and pull employees 1 or 2 at a 

time so you are never too understaffed! This service is one they will talk about for 

years...and they'll love their job even more. (Minimum of 6 people required.)

Some employees contribute to the cost or pay in full for their teeth whitening. You 

have the option of the employee or employer paying-either way, we'll make it fun!

PRICE - $45 Per 15 min.  

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